Market Research and Business Trends Reports

Each day, we monitor and research business, consumer and lifestyle trends across Asia. Clients seeking either concise mini-reports or comprehensive appraisals to elevate their positioning in Asia’s transforming markets appreciate our on-the-spot insights and analysis.

Thought Leadership Content

Opinion-forming content demonstrating sector and/or market expertise can elevate a brand’s positioning with clients and customers, especially in Asia’s high-growth commercial sectors and emerging markets. We have created powerful and informative content across subject themes ranging from digital marketing and e-commerce to infrastructure development and food safety.

White Papers

A comprehensive, research-driven exposition of salient business issues, market challenges and opportunities presented in a White Paper format is highly coveted by B2B marketers. Rich in detail and forward-thinking ideas, our well-crafted White Papers can be used to drive innovative content marketing activities across various online and offline channels.

Brand Magazines and Online Publications

Integrating editorial, journalism and research expertise, we manage diverse client publications, from a staff magazine for a major bank to an Asian business title for a European firm and a retail trends e-zine. We also produce interview-based articles with CEOs and management executives, and ghostwritten features distributed via the media or a brand’s own channels.

On-Site Content Consulting  

Our on-site content consulting service enables clients to benefit from our broad experience of managing online and offline projects for brands across different business sectors. Recent assignments have seen our team members hot-desking at China’s largest liquefied natural gas supplier and international hospitality brands opening new hotels in Hainan Island and Hangzhou.

Presentations and Speeches

When a CEO needs to deliver a keynote speech or presentation, or a video storyboard is required, top brands turn to Scribes. We work with our partners to gauge their key messages and research audience and viewer expectations before crafting words and imagery that informs, engages and inspires.

Digital Content and Social Messaging

Crafting targeted digital content that evokes actions and responses from readers and integrates effective SEO requires expert writers and editors. From entire websites to compelling articles and promotions, Scribes can manage all your online needs.

PR and Marketing Copywriting

Blue-chip firms, PR and marketing agencies across Asia and beyond rely on Scribes to create attention-grabbing media and marketing materials, websites, brochures, ads, EDMs and social media content that enables them to build stronger relationships with customers and consumers.

Our Clients

More than 50 leading companies from Asia and worldwide have chosen to work with
Scribes of the Orient.