Following the publication in December 2017 of the Top 10 Trends in Asian Travel report by Check-in Asia, our specialist Asian travel and tourism division, the Travel Dudes website asked to pen a short update.

“Asia’s tourism industry is driving change across the world. Newly affluent Asian consumers are travelling more frequently at home, around the region and globally, and investors are following in their footsteps,” says Gary Bowerman, Director of Check-in Asia. “Hence, new travel trends from Beijing to Mumbai and Penang to Phnom Penh are resonating far and wide.”

The five key trends to watch, as selected by our team, are…

It’s All About China: China is the tourism industry’s golden child, and its free-spending globetrotters are being courted by every destination on earth.

Indian Tourism Expands: Asia’s fast-growing second pillar economy is starting to make its tourism presence felt worldwide.

A Boom in Domestic Travel: Homegrown tourism is thriving across Asia, and not just in China and India.

Is Asian Tourism Out of Control?: Overtourism is becoming the most critical issue in global travel.

Muslim Millennial Travel Takes Off: Young Muslim travellers are a coveted demographic for destinations across Asia.

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